Cruise Craze

The season has started and I survived my first tour, taking cruise guests through Helsinki and to Winter Wonderland. It seems that half of the world’s population spends half of their time on cruise ships nowadays. Helsinki gets a fair share of them each summer. Good for me, working as a tour guide is fun, and frustrating if the ship is so large that it takes away the morning sun so that I am freezing cold before I take the guest to an artificial winter scenery where it is even colder. Not complaining, at times I just wonder about this cruise craze on the planet. Bucket lists of destinations that people have seen make me feel so “local” with only two countries to live in and an occasional trip to Southern France. Am I missing something?

Anyway, I had a delicious, hot pea soup at the soppakeittiö (soup kitchen) at the old market hall for warming up again, made from fresh peas with horseradish crème. It was tasty, as can be seen here…




Then I explored my “new” residential area. Of course, I have been to Ullanlinna before, but I had never been in Johanneksen Kirkko (St. John’s Church), where the organ player was practicing. It is neo-gothic style with a wooden roof (if I am not mistaken) and the biggest stone church in Finland, seating 2600 people on trilingual marked benches with trifoliate clover motif…What I like about Finnish churches is that altar pieces are so peaceful (no crucified corpse hanging around) and the one in this church is actually by the painter Eero Järnefeldt (kind of famous artist from the golden age of Finnish art and brother-in-law of composer Jean Sibelius).

Then I found a small shop for “outdated” Finnish design ware and a coffee shop where they made me a Latte macchiato, even though they actually don’t offer it (nope, the pattern on the coffee is my own, somehow I only remember to take a picture after I have already started eating or drinking or messing it up, but this is not a food blog, so hey…)

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