Back in Helsinki

The first thing I heard when arriving in Helsinki: good you didn’t come earlier, it has been so cold. The wind was still quite chilly today, but the bright sunshine, the blue sky and the fresh air made up for it twice. I spent my first day strolling around in the city and felt somewhat like the little guy in this picture. Elated, but also kind of unstable and almost tipping over into some place unknown.

I tested some coffee and “raakapuuro” (food is unfortunately the most comforting method for me to calm my nerves). This is something like “raw food porridge/oatmeal”, I thought it could have had more taste, but it definitely fills you up…






I went to listen to Sibelius Finland Experience and…continued to wait for my luggage, as Air Berlin was not able to get my suitcases from Berlin to Helsinki. No wonder the air carrier is bankrupt. I have rented a cute little apartment in Ullanlinna, so I get to feel the real Helsinki and the Design District first hand for the summer. There are all the little things that I got used to when I was living here permanently, and now they just make me smile. If you covered your eyes, how would you still know you are at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport? If you go to the restrooms, you listen to birds singing in the woods (at least at the lady’s room). Boys?

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