Exploring Democracy

I have been quiet for a long time. First, because I was busy, and then because my travel persona was sent on permanent vacation by this Coronavirus, nothing really to explore or report except for “my butt on the couch”. However, over this week, I have watched the political situation in the U.S. (incredulously, to be honest). As a consequence, I started to embark on a journey into the dungeons of my own democratic awareness or the lack of it.

I was born and raised in a democracy, have citizenship for two different European democratic states, and voted every four years, as was expected from me. Democracy was just there, but watching the events in the USA made it clear to me that democracy is not guaranteed. However, I also realized a curious contradiction between the freedoms democracy has offered me (at least theoretically), and my own lack of ability or willingnes to apply them. In short: the system offers me an amazing amount of tools and freedom to participate in “shaping the landscape”, and my personal inner world is designed for “getting by” in circumstances with very limited options.

Watching the riots at the Capitol in Washington D.C. and US-politics made me wonder if specific competencies might be necessary in people to handle a democratic system? Not being sure I have those myself, I have started and continue to explore the following publications by the Council of Europe:

I found it almost as interesting as going on a holiday trip. So, I decided to write a “travel diary” for my journey into the landscape of democratic society, myself as a citizen in a democracy and whatever else pops into my mind.

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