It’s the little things…

…that illustrate the difference between a first-class and “normal class” venue. I work as one of the moderators for Sibelius Finland Experience during the summer months – a beautiful, one-hour concert event in Helsinki where young master students and musicians present music composed by Jean Sibelius to guests from all over the world (piano-violin). This event is happening in one of the most prominent Art-Nouveau-buildings of Helsinki, Pohjola-Talo.

The private office building is normally closed to the public and we as hosts have to welcome our guests at the front door downstairs, which is normally closed. Today we had a true Finnish “Midsummer” climate = temperatures down to 11 ° Celsius (can you believe that???) and cold wind on top of it. I was freezing cold after about 10 minutes down there in my dress. So, I asked the friendly guy from Hotel Kämp (responsible for the venue and the catering for the event), if I could have a cup of tea to survive my cold duty downstairs. What I expected to receive was a cup of hot water and a tea bag, what I received was a genuine silver teapot with real tea and a cup delivered downstairs. This warmed my heart, and the tea warmed the rest. Thanks! (They just don’t have anything else but silver teapots…)

Sibelius Finland Experience

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