Precision landing…

Let’s for a moment forget the romantic Rhine and consider the fact, that the Rhine river is one of the most important shipping routes of Europe. Fully loaded freight ships fighting upstream against the current or happily speeding downstream are a standard sight in Rhine country. I know, women have a bad reputation when it comes to reverse parking, or driving a car. Even though I consider myself quite capable of driving our own car backwards into a parking spot, I never learned how to back a car with a trailer into anywhere. So I had to stop and watch how these guys (see video) backed an enormous “technical-whatever-it-is” on to a ship, right next to where I live. As this thing looks quite expensive, this had to be a precision landing with only one foot/30 cm on each side on the ramp. It actually took more than an hour to build the ramp from the ship to the shore, first. Once loaded, it’s probably heading down to Rotterdam. Considering all the people involved to build it and bring it to its destination, I found myself wondering how much it must cost to make it worth the effort…Anyway, I took a short video…men at work. Kudos :-).

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