November Relocation: Côte d’Azur – Nice / Nizza

As much as I love Helsinki and Finland in the summer, November is and has always been a depressing time for me. So this year, I decided to leave the North for good and learn some French in the South: Côte d’Azur, Nice. In the morning I attend a language school, in the afternoon I go out and practice it on the poor French people in the city :-).

Sitting on a beach on 9th of November in the sun, it’s 20 °C, really makes me wonder, how on Earth I could spend so many winters in Finland. Nice (the city) in November is not high season, there is not so many tourists and it’s easy-going and almost calm. I like it that way. Here some pictures.

Was ich heute gesehen habe: Den 10 km langen Strand, den Hafen, den Burghügel, schöne Steinmosaike an der Friedhofsmauer, schöne Architektur und es gibt unendlich viele Barockkirchen. Ach, das war jetzt Deutsch, also (I think my languages are getting mixed up here): what I have seen today is the long beach (10 km) and the port, beautiful mosaic made from whole and split stone at the wall of the cemetery, many, many baroque churches, beautiful architecture. A bientôt!



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