Charismatic in Finland = no Charisma

According to Wikipedia, Charisma is something like a “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others”.

YLE, the national broadcasting company, has undertaken a poll to find out, who of the political leaders in Finland is seen as the most charismatic. Out came the leader of the Centre Party, Juha Sipilä. People seemed “to favour the 53-year-old millionaire’s & former businessman’s demeanour precisely because they believe his personality is unassuming and not too outgoing.”

O-tone Yle-News:

“Sipila took first place with almost 35 percent of the votes, and was described most frequently as laid back, natural and capable. Speech trainer Malla Kuuranne from Helsinki’s Theatre Academy believes Sipilä is seen as making up in affability what he lacks in charisma.

“He doesn’t get on your nerves. He is entirely devoid of colour and fails to inspire any particular passion. He’s not in my opinion particularly charismatic. But he does come across as trustworthy, thanks to his laid back, human demeanour,” Kuuranne said.

For those who would like to learn more about Charisma in Finland: Yle Poll



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