Action or Reaction

There are hundreds of self help courses, e-books and stuff sitting in my computer, promising to help me “change my life”, for the better, of course. So far, only one course has really worked, for me, that is. It’s a small, unpretentious  course called “Creating Power”, by a modest, likewise unpretentious guy called Karim Hajee.

In essence, what it all burns down to is this: if we really do create all of our circumstances ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, through what we believe and think on a regular basis, then, the only question we actually need to ask ourselves when we feel less than glorious in a situation is:

– What could I have thought or be thinking/believing that brought about this result?

And, if we want to remain actors in our lives, we could ask next:

– What would I have to believe or think to get a different result?

Shame, all those years in school nothing but wasted…at least I didn’t learn this type of thinking there  🙂

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