Is faster, higher, more…


I commented on an interesting post , because this question seems to  be connected to the relationship of  humanity  with the planet?

Generally I would say that “better” is anything that we believe

  • will be more of a benefit to us compared to what we have now or
  • will be less of a disadvantage or damage compared to what  we have now

So, what we consider to be “better” depends directly on our individual situation, our values, beliefs and goals.

In order for “faster, higher and more” to be really better it is crucial that there is at least a causal  correlation between “more of something” and “higher benefit or less damage”.  As long as people believed that there was a correlation between “feathers” and “flying”, all attempts to get humans into the air ended in crashes. They got the correlations right meanwhile, but there still  seems to be a certain amount of disconnect between “more” and “better” in other  areas of human society.

D. wrote in her post: “There is a God given/ natural will to strive for more, to run faster, to jump higher, to do more, to have more…” and “I always think not wanting to have and experience more must be sinful. Denying wanting more and doing more is denying the essence of human nature.”

I would argue that it might be God given, but I don’t think it is natural. Have you ever seen a cat exercising to run faster, just for the sake of running faster? Or a horse drink more than it actually needs?

In nature, everything is about optimum, alignment and balance, not more or maximum as a general rule. Animals don’t overeat or “under-exercise”, if they do, it’s normally a sign that something is out of balance.
Humanity seems to be out of balance and it might be due to the generalized or unreflected “more is better” mindset. As this mindset  occupies almost the whole planet by now, it is considered “natural”.

So the question remains:

  • What does “better” mean concerning a specific issue?
  • What can we do “more of” to get there? Can we?
  • Is there a causal correlation between what we plan to do / have more of and the “better” we are striving for? Will this make things better?
  • Are there thresholds that will undermine our “better” if we pass over them?

I love this picture 😀

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