A dream?

This morning I had a dream. It was very simple. I was in a building and entered an elevator. I pushed a button to go up, but the elevator went down and I couldn’t stop it. At some point, I got out and I felt confused, it was all gloomy and only concrete around me.

I have been wondering, what this meant. I think this is what happened when I entered the spiritual realm, where mind is praised as the “wonderful tool” to help you create your dreams and lift you up. I think it doesn’t work on a physical plane.

It’s like with a skyscraper. It’s designed to lift people’s bodies way up there and have a great view. If you only look at what you see above ground, it’s uplifting. But if you feel into the whole structure of a skyscraper, as I seem to do, unfortunately, there is a huge weight depressing the Earth. There is a hole filled with concrete underneath the building and a lot of holes elsewhere from where the materials have been collected to build it. And a lot of human bodies have put lifetime and sweat into it and some even died.

If I was the only one who sensed that we are caught on a swing where “uplift” on one side means always “going down” on the side of Nature, Earth, Life, I’d probably commit myself into an institution. Fortunately there are people with much more authority and power who see the same and have seriously started to “climb Mount Sustainability”. If you own a company, I hope you listen to Ray Anderson and copy his ideas. Here only two videos, there is more on youtube.




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