This is…


…my first post.

I am utterly nervous. And I am already suffering from writers block. How is that going to go in the future? I am still struggling with the technical part of this blogging business. And this morning I found out that already three bloggers are following my blog although there is really nothing to read here. Scary.

But I need structure. If you have had almost all the freedom in the world for how to use your time for several years, it’s hard to retire into a routine. That is what I hope this blog will do for me. Over time, I hope to get better and may be some day there will be some value in it also for other people. Until then, should you happen to have stumbled over it, thank you for being here.

Give me some time, trees grow slowly, especially up North, where I am located.  My goal is to keep it short, clear, like the air and the sky in this country, and to the point. So I shut up now, as I have made my point for today. 🙂

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